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Disposable NIBP Cuff

Disposable non-invasive blood pressure cuff is made of white PVC coated non-woven fabric. At present, our company produce V10 and V20 series. One-piece bladderless design,single patient use, can effectively avoid cross infection.
Reusable NIBP Cuffs

Reusable blood pressure cuff,we have one-piece design and also design with bladder for your choice.Both are durable,easy to be cleaned and be disinfected,full-range of size suit for different patients,compatible with most brands of patient monitor,holter/ABPM devices or sphygmomanometer.

Ankle-brachial index examination is the main method for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The full range of ankle-brachial index blood pressure cuffs developed by Vistar Medical are made of high-quality PU leather fabric and replaceable bladder design. They are soft and comfortable, durable, easy to clean and disinfect.Straight and curved shape, as well as toe cuffs, can be weared on different parts of limbs.
First aids products

Tourniquet cuffs including reusable and disposable type can be used in surgical application together with Automatic Tourniquet equipment.
The latex free MedCuff® Pressure Infusion Bag is a safe,high-quality,reliable device for intra-arterial infusion treatment, including A-line pressure monitoring.
BP connectors & air hose

BP connectors are compatible with most brands like Philips,GE Marquette,Draeger,Nihon Kohden,Welch Allyn,Critikon,Siemens, Spacelabs,Criticare,Mindray and Datascope and so on...