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1. Q: Are Vistarmed cuffs compatible with GE,Philips?

    A: Yes,Vistarmed cuffs are compatible with most brands like Welch Allyn, Draeger, Mindray, Datascope, Philips, Spacelabs, GE, Schiller etc    DOWNLOAD    

2. Q: What's the process of OEM&ODM project ?

    A:Tell us your technical requirements->Offer us original sample and drawings if possible->Vistar evaluate the project and offer quotation->Vistar produce sample->Customer confirm sample->Mass production

3.Q: Do you offer private labeling?

   A: Yes, we offer, MOQ normally is 1000pcs/type

4. Q: What’s the available payment term?

    A: T/T,Western Union,PayPal

5. Q: How long for production?

    A: 15-20 days after payment received and raw materials ready

6. Q: What’s Vistarmed NIBP cuff's cleaning and disinfection method?

    A: a. To clean the cuff by wiping a damp cloth with mild soap water.

        b. Can be disinfected by medical alcohol 70%. After disinfection, the cuff cover should be left air dry.

7. Q: What is the difference between a standard cuff and a extra long cuff (i.e. Adult and Adult long cuffs)?

    A: Adult long cuff has a longer length, which allows for a greater arm circumference range.

8. Q: What’s MedCuff tourniquet working principle?

    A: MedCuff tourniquet are designed single- or dual-bladder inflatable cuffs connected to a tourniquet system via a hose assembly. When wrapped around a limb and inflated, tourniquet cuffs apply an adequate amount of pressure on the arterial blood flow in a limb to create a bloodless surgical field.